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The reliability and the experience accumulated over more than 30 years of activity: this is the business card that CAGNATO BRUNO s.r.l. offers to the customers with pride and professionalism.
We are specialized in the marketing of half-finished beech wood elements, paying a lot of attention to the quality of our products, constantly checked by an experienced and qualified staff that, with passion and competence, follows and proposes to the customers products selected and guaranteed.

The strategic geographical position of the modern and dynamic site, right in the heart of the productive and industrialized North-East zone, has allowed us to develop a market mainly addressed to all manufacturers companies that use the Beech for the processing of elements designed to furniture such as chairs, tables, drawers, kitchen doors, staircases, or to manufacturers of handles, home articles and every other kind of processing of the beech wood.

In these 30 years we have continuously worked for the enlargement of our stores and for increase the level of quality and quantity of our products to be always ready to satisfy every request of the customers. In our covered deposits, are stored over 3.000 cubic meters of half-finished products, of different characteristics and sizes, in order to meet as quickly as possible every order and enquiry.

The store is supplied daily also with timber coming from forests that are managed in sustainable way in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council A.C., thanks to which we obtained the FSC Forest Certification.

We CAGNATO BRUNO s.r.l., we are able to ensure supplies of medium and large quantities in short times, thanks also to the continuous supply of squares, strips and elements in Beech wood, coming directly from the best production areas.

Even today, of fundamental importance is the family management, and in particular the constant presence and the active participation by the owner Bruno and of his sons.
The developed experience passed by the first generation, and the innovative push of the second one contribute to the formation of a modern and well-organized reality, able to meet and satisfy the specific needs of customers.

All this is CAGNATO BRUNO s.r.l., a partner of exception, a reliable expert and always available!


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